Who we are and what do we do?

We’re a network of students at area colleges and universities in Missouri who are interested in a career in advertising. We represent a broad range of interests in the field of advertising including account service, content development and management, design, copywriting and production, digital marketing and media services.

Our goal is to learn more about career opportunities within consumer, business-to-business and non-profit sectors as we prepare to enter and succeed in the advertising industry.

is this for?

Membership in St. Louis Ad Club is open to all students in Missouri who are interested in the field of advertising. This is a great place for students looking to build their network and get a head start in the biz!

do I join?

Already convinced? Click here to join and start receiving emails about events and activities. Membership is only $30 a year and begins the day you sign up. Wait for it…Are you already a student member of the AAF on your college campus? Awesome, then your Ad Club membership is reduced to ONLY $10 a year.

should I join?

Great question! For students not yet convinced, a membership in Ad Club includes:

  • Social events (Free or reduced cost)
  • Agency tours
  • Exclusive presentations
  • ADDY Awards competition (discounted fee)
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