Ad Club STL
2017 Internship Hop

AAF-Ad Club St. Louis 2017 Internship Hop

The St. Louis Ad Club Internship Hop is a unique opportunity for students to learn by doing and get exposure to the ways different agencies and marketing organizations work without having to “hop around” from agency to agency the first three years of their career.


Students spend the entirety of their college career trying to figure out what they want to do in life. It is through internships where practical experience plays a key role in helping them learn where and what to do after they graduate. Internships are meant to expose newbies to an industry and the internship hop will provide an even broader perspective to young talent excited about the field of advertising. This unique experience will show students the inner workings of different types of companies within our industry. We don’t know of any other industry that has done anything like this. Our program will be helping students make more informed choices about their career path from the very beginning. For employers, this is all about exposure to great talent and positive press. Being a part of this internship hop is a signal to current and future students, at every university in the region (and beyond), that our agencies are forward-thinking companies that understand employee motivation as well as healthy competition.

The interns will act as a multi-disciplinary team as they travel from agency to agency. Every week, the five interns will travel to a different agency as a team to work on a new project. The “Sensational Seven” agencies include H&L Partners, rukus, ITC, Osborn Barr, New Honor Society, Scorch and Darling.

It was Ad Club’s goal to build a diversified and qualified team of five students that would provide immediate value at each agency. We hired a writer, designer, account manager, social media manager and a strategist. The selection committee worked to find one person to fit each role, but all candidates were well rounded and carried skills in multiple areas – Those willing or able to try different roles at different shops. Meet the interns.

Interns will get:

  • Practical real world problem solving
  • Leadership and team building
  • The ability to experience numerous agencies
  • Networking and building relationships
  • Exposure to all of the different types of creative opportunities
  • A chance to showcase the talent and preparedness
  • A better sense for what career they want to pursue
  • A paid experience
  • Agency survival kit (Swag bag with gear from local shops)
  • Maybe a job!

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