Ad Club STL
An Internship Unlike Any Other

AAF-Ad Club St. Louis 2018 Internship Hop

The Ad Club Internship Hop gives students a unique opportunity to learn about the St. Louis Advertising Community. Instead of just working for one agency this summer, our interns will be working for eight. They’ll learn about the industry by hopping around different St. Louis agencies, exposing themselves to different ideas, clients and projects.

Important Dates:


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Do You Have What It Takes?

The Internship Hop is an intensive, fast-paced program. If accepted, you won’t be spending this summer fetching coffee or filing paperwork, you’ll be working on real projects as a strategist, art director, social media specialist, copywriter or account manager. In return, you’ll get:

  • Important contacts in the St. Louis advertising community
  • A chance to showcase your talents
  • Exposure to different creative opportunities
  • A fully paid experience
  • Maybe a job

All candidates must:

  • Be a current Ad Club and/or AAF member
  • Be a full-time student with a minimum of 12 credit hours
    • With four+ advertising specific courses completed
  • Have an academic standing of junior or senior status with a GPA of 3.0 or higher

Candidates will need to submit:

  • Resume and cover letter that establishes why they’re interested in the position
  • Copy of most recent transcript
  • Portfolio samples are recommended for creative interns (Writing or design samples, portfolio or website link)
  • Optional: Signed letter of recommendation from a teacher or faculty member

St. Louis Ad Agencies Unite!

The Internship Hop not only benefits the students, but your agency and the greater St. Louis advertising community as well. By opening the doors of different agencies we can showcase our industry to the next generation and help foster our community. By sponsoring the hop, you’ll also get:

  • An important recruiting tool: you’ll have access to a multi-disciplinary team of five potential hires
  • Agency exposure: Social Media, PR and Ad Club’s recognition through our growing channels
  • Real work: Agencies can get a completed campaign by setting the students to task

Want to learn more about becoming a sponsoring agency? Contact Andrea Spurlock at