SHE/HER/HEARD: A Womxn and Media Storytelling Forum


The paths womxn have to walk in their careers aren’t easy. There are stereotypes you can’t perpetuate. Minds you have to change.

Our relationship to the creative, strategy and communications industries has been tumultuous. We’ve made progress. Yet there’s still so much to learn from. And even more to do.

Join us for an industry event, where speakers will share their experiences living as womxn in the arts, advertising, marketing, production, communication and other like industries.

Hear from a local vets and newcomers alike in 10-minute talks about subjects ranging from working as the only womxn writer on a beer account in the ‘90s to simple tips on how to uplift other womxn across our industries.

Refreshments will be available. All womxn and allies are welcome to the event.

The term “womxn” is an intersectional term which has been in use since 2015 to explicitly include transgender women and non-binary people.

Wed, August 26 | 6:00 PM
Osborn Barr
914 Spruce Street #200
St. Louis, MO 63102
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