Senior Brand Strategist



Job Description

MarketPlace is seeking a super-organized, experienced Brand Strategist and marketing professional who can wield a pen/keyboard on location in our open, sunny, dog-loving St. Louis office.

We need someone with a minimum of five years of professional experience with some combination of the following responsibilities:

Communicate and collaborate with clients at leadership/executive level on new projects, marketing/branding strategy, and maintenance/measurements.
Partner with internal creative staff and client staff (R&D, sales, etc.) to develop and launch commercial strategy and branding efforts.
Develop brand and product positioning strategies incorporating supporting marketing programs and promotion strategies.
Research and analyze clients’ products/services, capabilities, competition, etc. to develop strategic marketing plans/tactics for their businesses.
Perform/coordinate/analyze research in conjunction with internal team on behalf of clients. Compile recommendations and strategy based on research.
Develop both consumer and B2B-focused content/communications across various electronic and print media (brand websites, eCommerce platforms, online/print advertisements, client presentations, press releases, social media, white papers, etc.).
Collaborate with MarketPlace’s Media Strategist to assist in the organization and management of media-related materials.
Write brand strategy guides, information architectures for website, research reports, capabilities presentations, and other written deliverables.

This position is crucial to our success at MarketPlace. You’ll be spending the majority of your time reading, researching, planning, organizing, and coordinating. You’ll spend some of your time writing “creative,” and more time writing inspiration for your creative colleagues to inform their development of logos, taglines, ads, videos, websites, content, etc. You’ll be counted on to think critically. You’ll be communicating directly with key account contacts and your MarketPlace colleagues.

Company Overview

MarketPlace is a boutique-sized, full-service brand development firm that works with B2B and B2C food and ingredient, pet and animal, and health and wellness brands. We are an equal opportunity employer.

ALSO*: We’re a group of people, not a ring, so please don’t throw your hat into us, even if you wear so many that you have ones to spare!

Please spend some time on our website ( and make sure that you have a good sense of who we are and what we do (as much as you can based on a website). If you’re still interested, please consider that we’re looking only for candidates with 5+ years of relevant professional experience, whether at an agency, a consumer company, or a B2B company (or some combination).

How To Apply

Please email a resume and cover letter and relevant work samples (anything you want that shows how you think) to:
Email Us

Fine Print (dang lawyers)

This is a new position based on growth. For more info: