Job Description

We’re looking for someone who does the following, for starters:

Listens well
Asks good questions
Thinks critically about a wide variety of topics
Writes and speaks clearly and concisely and thoughtfully and creatively
Interacts with others (reads good writing, watches good watching, and/or listens to good listening)
Interacts well with others (both teaches and is teachable)
Understands the connection between call and action

For second course (is that what follows starters?), we’d prefer to hire someone with a minimum of five years of professional experience doing the following:

Writing both creative and technical copy, with a solid understanding of both the consumer and B2B landscapes
Learning one of the food, pet + animal, or health + wellness industries
Working alongside designers to develop creative concepts
Establishing and consistently implementing brand-appropriate voice and tone (and knowing the difference between voice and tone)
Presenting work to clients
Refusing (unlike this series of bullet points) to rely too much on gerunds

To fast-track the metaphor, either the gravy or the icing or the cherry on top is someone with the following:

A sincere appreciation for organization
Product/service/tech naming experience

Please spend some time on our website and make sure that you have a good sense of who we are and what we do (as much as you can based on a website). As a potential Copywriter at MarketPlace, your ability to synthesize this information and present a thoughtful, clearly communicated application matters. A lot. We take the thought and the writing in your application seriously (but not stiffly), even if the tone of your writing isn’t serious (we love puns, though we don’t require them). We care about the organizational choices informing your resume format, and we care about the voice in your cover letter.

We’re open to a mid-level or a high-level writer. We’re open to a traditional copywriter, and we’re open to someone with more creative writing experience. If we see a potential fit based on your application materials, we’ll want to get to know you a bit and figure out how to shape a position around your skills, your goals, and your contribution.

Please email the aforementioned resume and well-written cover letter (and writing samples [anything you want that shows how you think]) to Please include your name and “Copywriting Candidate” in the subject line. We can’t respond to all applicants, but we have a good sense of what/whom we’re looking for, so if we think you’re a good fit based on your application materials, we’ll certainly be in touch within a couple weeks of your applying (adding a phrase here to avoid ending the post with yet another gerund).

Company Overview

MarketPlace is a strategic partner to food and beverage, pet and animal, and health and wellness brands and businesses. We define strategies, develop brands, and nurture relationships, giving meaning to marketing and cultivating success.

How To Apply

Submit materials to
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