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Job Description

It’s not easy being an “Associate” Creative Director. You’re not in charge, but you’re also not not in charge, you know?
The conundrum was well stated by an ACD named David Tobin waaaaay back in 2005:

“I make my living in the advertising career niche that dare not speak its name. I am an associate creative director. Which I know doesn’t tell you much about what I actually do. Does my title mean ‘supervisor of many, master of none’? Or ‘wanted a promotion, and all I got was this lousy job title’?” By all means, read the whole thing. Mr. Tobin has some wise things to say.

Here’s our take: A great ACD/Copywriter is the Field Marshall of creativity. He/she helps the Creative Director command the entire arsenal of creative weaponry, but prefers to personally do battle with words.

Or, if you’re not into war metaphors, it’s like…but you know what? New job requirement: “He/She is comfortable with war metaphors.

Anyway, does this sound like you?

If you’ve got at least 5 years of copywriting experience, and a portfolio that demonstrates the appropriate level of Field Marshalling (Field Marshallry?), we’d love to talk with you.

– Originate innovative, creative ideas quickly on (often) limited budgets
– Write smart, sparkling, on-strategy copy
– Assist Creative Director in evaluating creative work products
– Translate ideas across various media (TV, Digital, Print, Experiential, Branded Content, Social)
– Maintain and support all company standards
– Periodically lead and coordinate projects
– Serve as a positive example to younger creative staff, especially copywriters
– Perform other duties and projects as assigned

– Strong portfolio that showcases highly conceptual abilities and excellent writing skills
– Knowledge of basic content marketing principles
– Ability to professionally engage with and take criticism from clients.
– Strong presentation skills with the ability to persuade
– Experience leading projects
– The desire and ability to work collaboratively with a cross-functional team (designers, strategists and developers)

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

Experience across multiple media (Digital, Print, Video, Branded Content, Social)

Company Overview

Paradowski Creative is an advertising, digital and promotions agency with deep roots in the St. Louis community. We believe in free-thinking, small egos and a workplace filled with laughter. We believe it’s possible to be 100% brilliant and 100% reliable… at the same time. We believe that in a street fight, creativity would lose to common sense, but would kick conventional wisdom’s ass. We want “sleeves up, hands dirty” types of people to join our growing team.

How To Apply

If you want to become our new ACD/Copy, here are a few simple steps you should take: 1. Look at our website. It outlines our philosophy, clients, work, etc. Do your homework. Then, if you get an interview, you can ask us smart questions. 2. Give us your resumé, website, glamour shot, or whatever your version of self-promotion looks like. Design it well, and again, don't be boring. Send it to with the header “ACD/Copy”. Oh, and make sure the work you send is not the work you think we'll think is OK. Show us the work you love. Show us what makes you remarkable.
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