2020 Summer Internship


New Honor Society

Job Description

As an Intern at New Honor Society, you’ll be part of a real team, getting real world experience on real assignments we do every day. Really.
You’ll never be asked to fetch coffee or walk our dogs or cut your hair.
Unless that’s your thing. In which case, fetch away, you beautiful hairy freak.
No, this is a legitimate opportunity to get your hands dirty and make something awesome. If that sounds good to you, please visit our website for application details.*
*But only if you’re a college student entering your senior year or are graduating in spring of 2020.

Company Overview

New Honor Society / an FCB Company is a band of creative thinkers and makers working together to build relevant brands. We solve big client challenges with small hybrid teams, using urgency to fuel creativity. Our nimble team has mastered the art of doing more with less: More responsiveness, more care, more impact. Less time, less waste, less complexity.

How To Apply

Please apply via our website
Apply Here