Save the date and unlock the garage, it’s almost time for Coolfire’s 7th Annual Pinewood Derby! As always, costumes/themed teams are strongly encouraged! But remember: safety first, we don’t want to get a bad reputation.

There will be both race car and show car divisions for the derby. A suggested donation of $300 per entry will help support The Coolfire Foundation. If you are interested, drop us a line at mshields@coolfire.com and let us know number of car kits your company would like.

Put your derby face on. We’re not gonna die sober so if it’s your first day at the derby, we’ll give you time.

Official weigh-in and entry will be Wednesday, July 16th. Same rules apply as last year, and the extreme track is back! Official rules will be sent with the car kits.



Pinewood Derby 2014 07.17.14 @ PLUSH from Coolfire Studios on Vimeo.