Write...Design...Plan...Summer Internship


New Honor Society

Job Description

As an Intern at New Honor Society, you’ll be part of a real team, getting real world experience on real assignments we do every day. Really.
You’ll never be asked to fetch coffee or walk our dogs or
cut your hair.
Unless that’s your thing. In which case, fetch away, you beautiful hairy freak. No, this is a legitimate opportunity to get your hands dirty and make something awesome. If that sounds good to you, read on.

• Use visual media to make marketing ideas come to life
• Create unique looks and identities for brands and their elements
• Work closely with copywriter to happily marry copy and visuals

• Write smart, creative and strategically sound copy
• Create creative concepts and ideas to activate consumers
• Write in the voice of a mother of three, blue collar construction worker, a tech-savvy teacher and a talking dog

• Develop new digital content ideas and create sound social media strategies
• Stay up to date on industry and social trends and be the “go-to intern” for all things social media
• Execute tactical approaches (i.e. posting content, online engagement/community management, influencer activations)

• Deduce and decipher the “so what” behind trends and data
• Uncover new insights based on sound research and put them to use strategically.
• Become the go to expert on the consumer; understand who they are, what they care about, and what is going on in culture that affects them and their behavior.

Company Overview

New Honor Society is a creative boutique helping brands attract a following by giving people something to buy into, not just a product to buy.
We identify a brand’s reason for being and help them talk about it, demonstrate it, and share it: from their company DNA, to their marketing, to their products and services.

How To Apply

Application available at newhonorsociety.com. Cover letter and completed application should be submitted in one email to: internships@newhonorsociety.com
Email Us

Fine Print (dang lawyers)

*Drop us a message on Instagram by tagging @newhonorsociety and
using the hashtag #NHSinterngram. Anything you want it to be. Flex those creative muscles.

Applications due March 16, 2018